About the Mozambique Country Platform

Prolinnova–Mozambique is a network that promotes local innovation in ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management in Mozambique. The network builds on and scales up farmer-based approaches to development. It strives to stimulate and enhance partnerships among the various stakeholders in research and development, mainly among farmers, extension workers and researchers.

Prolinnova-Mozambique annual report for 2020

Despite the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Prolinnova–Mozambique managed to revive its Country Platform (CP) and to successfully implement major PID activities planned for 2020. Nuffic funding through the Orange Knowledge Programme allowed the CP to train new people in PID and to support pilots in farmer-led experimentation. See the 2020 annual report here.

Resumo da estratégia da Prolinnova 2021-25

A estratégia em inglês da Prolinnova para 2021-25 pode ser encontrada na página web "Sobre a Prolinnova" ( Um resumo de 3 páginas em português pode ser encontrado aqui:

Resumo da estratégia da Prolinnova 2021–25 (PDF file; 140 KB)

Prolinnova-Mozambique annual report for 2019

Despite many challenges and adversities in 2019, the network in Mozambique managed to implement some activities with funds mainly from FAO and CIC-Batá (Centre for Initiatives for Cooperation, a Spanish NGO). These activities consisted in supporting and strengthening local innovation processes in some farmer associations, and disseminating previously identified and proven local innovations to other communities in six districts of Gaza Province: Massangenaa, Chigubo, Mabalane, Massingir, Guijá and Chibuto.The report on the CP's activities in 2019, including an action plan for 2020 and a photo report, can be found here.

Prolinnova-Mozambique activity report 2017

Prolinnova–Mozambique implemented considerably more activities in 2017 compared to the previous year. The Country Platform (CP) carried out a refresher course on local innovation and Participatory Innovation Development (PID), renewed and strengthened its National Steering Committee, appointed focal points at provincial and district levels, published a catalogue of local innovations and planned its activities for 2018. The annual report gives a detailed account of the CP's achievements in 2017, and includes the backstopping visit to Mozambique by Brigid Letty from Prolinnova–South Africa, which was planned for 2017 but could be made only in early 2018.

Cases of local innovation in Mozambique

Member organisations of Prolinnova-Mozambique contributed cases of local innovation to this catalogue that covers the period from 2008 to 2017. Most of these are cases that have been encountered during the partners' day-to-day interactions with smallholder farmers in the villages where the organisations work.

Refreshing PID in Mozambique

In collaboration with Vicente Zefanias, Romualdo Rutazihana conducted a two-day refresher course in November 2017 for more than 20 participants from Prolinnova-Mozambique partner organisations. A third day was set aside for elections: one focal point was elected for each of the three provinces where the network is operating (Maputo, Gaza & Inhambane). The workshop participants asked Romualdo to take the chair of the National Steering Committee, as he has been with Prolinnova-Mozambique from the outset and has the longest institutional memory. During the same meeting, the network reviewed the new catalogue of local innovations to be published in December 2017.

Some activities of Prolinnova–Mozambique in 2015

The Country Platform in Mozambique has been facilitating farmer-to-farmer sharing about local innovations with the support of the Catalonian NGO CIC-batá in Spain. Some of these activities in 2015 are described in this brief annual report in Portuguese and English.

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