Working Papers

Working Paper 1: Experiences with Farmer Experimental Design Workshops in Egypt (pdf 307 KB)

Working Paper 2: Farmer Experimental Design Workshop for the LEINUTS project in Kenya (pdf 453 KB)

Working Paper 3: Trying out PTD with NGOs in Peru and Bolivia  (pdf 300 KB)

Working Paper 4: Building capacity in participatory approaches (pdf 559 KB)

Working Paper 5: Participatory Technology Development in Cameroon: the route and milestones in the process of its institutionalisatioin (pdf 323 KB)

Working Paper 6: Towards sustainable development in Mahaweli settlements through farmer participation (pdf 391 KB)

Working Paper 7: PTD For sustainable dryland agriculture in South India: balancing our way to scale  (pdf 921 KB)

Working Paper 8: Participatory evaluation with pastoralists in Eastern Sudan (pdf 307 KB)

Working Paper 9: Farmer Access to Innovation Resources (FAIR): findings from an international review of experiences (MS Word 246 KB)

Working Paper 10: Strengthening Prolinnova policy dialogue and advocacy strategy (MS Word 191 KB)

Working Paper 11: Research to promote local innovation: the case of siella mineral lick for livestock in northern Ghana (MS Word 150 KB)

Working Paper 12: Harnessing local and outsiders’ knowledge: experiences of multi-stakeholder partnership to promote farmer innovation in Ethiopia (MS Word 213 KB)

Working Paper 13: Recognising and enhancing local innovation processes (MS Word 198 KB)

Working Paper 14: Reflections on the FAIR project (MS Word 241 KB)

Working Paper 15: Synergies between supporting endogenous development and participatory innovation development as methodologies for understanding and improving rural livelihoods (MS Word 178 KB)

Working Paper 16: Prolinnova: building partnerships to promote local innovation processes (MS Word 174 KB)

Working Paper 17: PID in water management (MS Word 148 KB)

Working Paper 18: Innovation in agriculture and NRM in communities confronting HIV/AIDS: a review of international experience (MS Word 308 KB)

Working Paper 19: Desarrollo Participativo de Innovación – PID in Spanish  (PDF 368 KB)

Working Paper 20: The Cambodian experience in piloting Local Innovation Support Funds (pdf 460 KB)

Working Paper 21: The Ethiopian experience in piloting Local Innovation Support Funds (pdf 221 KB)

Working Paper 22: FAIR in South Africa: synthesis of lessons learnt (pdf 736 KB)

Working Paper 23: Documentation of the FAIR pilot programme in Uganda (pdf 1.50 MB)

Working Paper 24: FAIR: synthesis of lessons learnt (pdf 1.21 MB)

Working Paper 25: Sharing the Ghana experience (MS Word 152 KB)

Working Paper 26: Cross-visits in South Africa  (MS Word 244 KB)

Working Paper 27: Fish smoking in the banda in Niger (French) (MS Word 320 KB)

Working Paper 28: Enhancing local innovation in water productivity in crop-livestock systems (MS Word 145 KB)

Working Paper 29: Recognising and enhancing local innovation in managing agricultural biodiversity (pdf 414 KB)

Working Paper 30: Local Innovation and Participatory Innovation Development: some frequently asked questions  (pdf 239 KB)

Innovation locale et développement participatif de l’innovation : quelques questions fréquemment posées (pdf 236 KB)

Working Paper 31: Institutionalisation of Participatory Innovation Development: experiences of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Takeo Province, Cambodia (pdf 1.23 MB)

Working Paper 32: Assessing the level of institutionalising Participatory Innovation Development in Tahtay Maychew District, Tigray, Ethiopia (pdf 528 KB)

Working Paper 33: Participatory Innovation Development in the face of HIV/AIDS: synthesis of findings and outcomes (pdf 2.01 MB)

Working Paper 34: Integrating PID into education and training: modules and materials (pdf 2.17 MB)

Working Paper 35: Influencing policy towards farmer-led approaches (pdf file 197 KB)

Working Paper 36: Understanding how multistakeholder partnerships work: Prolinnova experiences in East Africa (pdf 461 KB)

Working Paper 37: Assessing the institutionalisation of Participatory Innovation Development: a tool (pdf 328 KB)

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