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Prolinnova films

Prolinnova's work on film in English and French!!

On 21 March 2011, four films featuring the work of Prolinnova were launched at the International Partners Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Three of the films are based on work of the country networks in Cambodia, Niger and South Africa, while the fourth is an overview of the global network. The films were made in partnership with TVEAP, a not-for-profit media foundation. The films capture key aspects of farmer-led, participatory agricultural research and development based on the innovativeness of small-scale farmers and other users of natural resources. For DVD copies of the films, please contact TVEAP on

In English
Prolinnova: Reaping Bright Ideas (global film) -
Prolinnova Cambodia: Visionary Farming -
Prolinnova Niger: Arid Land, Fertile Minds -
Prolinnova South Africa: Sparks on the Rainbow -

In French
Prolinnova: Récolter des Idées Lumineuses-
Prolinnova Cambodge: agriculture visionnaire-
Prolinnova Niger: Terre Aride, Esprits Fertiles -
Prolinnova Afrique du Sud: Les étincelles sur ciel-