Burkina Faso Country Platform

About the Burkina Faso Country Platform

The PROFEIS programme is not yet officially implemented in Burkina Faso, but fundraising is taking place at national, regional and international levels. In the meantime, with the methodological and technical support of the Prolinnova International Support Team, Réseau MARP and World Neighbors and several other participatory-minded institutions and organisations in Burkina Faso are developing partnership around the approach of local innovation/farmer-led participatory innovation development (PID).

Contact Details

For more information, please email:

World Neighbors contact person and CP coordinator:
Christophe Ouattara (ochristophe@wn.org)
Tel:  +226 50 381295

Réseau MARP contact person:
Mathieu Ouédraogo (ouedraogom.mathieu@yahoo.fr)
Tel: +226 50 322925