Three Prolinnova articles in “Appropriate Technology”

In the March 2023 issue of the Appropriate Technology magazine, there are three articles about Prolinnova people and activities:

  1. Farmers’ varieties mitigate and adapt to climate change in South India, by TJ James, Hubby Mathew & Stebin Sebastian from the Prolinnova–South India network (pp18–20)
  2. Promoting women’s innovation for food and nutrition security, by ELI-FaNS project coordinator Joe Nchor & Ann Waters-Bayer of the International Support Team (p21)
  3. Prolinnova names new Subregional Coordinator for West & Central Africa (pp22–23)

Appropriate Technology regularly brings articles about local innovations and participatory innovation development processes in which Prolinnova partners are engaged. We thank the magazine editor Colin Ley for his support to our network. Here is what he wrote in the editorial for this issue:

Farmers know best

Comment by Colin Ley – Editor, Appropriate Technology

This month’s Prolinnova article is worth an extra mention. For all that research and development specialists contribute to our lives and livelihood, there is nothing quite like the hands-on approach of a farmer to identify what works in the field. I’ve witnessed this a lot over the years in reporting on the latest piece of farm machinery or new cropping advance. Often when such innovations are exposed to real on-farm conditions they undergo a vital bit of ‘refinement’ to make them work as the lab-based researcher intended. On the farm machinery front, there’s usually a hammer involved and sometimes a chisel. Refinement tends to be a bit gentler when crops are involved, but the process is the same. Check out the Prolinnova–South India report on pages 18–21 to discover how farmers in that part of the world are benefiting from some good old-fashioned, hands-on development.

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