Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Resources


July 2007: During its national stakeholder workshop last week, Prolinnova Kenya invited Mr. Sylvance Sange of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute, to give an overview of important issues related to Intellectual Property protection. The presentation clarifies a lot on some of the basics around intellectual property protection. Mr. Sange agreed that his paper and the powerpoint presentation be shared within the Prolinnova network.
June 2007: At a recent meeting hosted by DURAS / Agropolis and attended by Prolinnova's Anton Krone (FAIR / LISF), resources were shared which include an IPR manual that was prepared with funding from DURAS. The manual was developed mainly with the Namibian and South African situation in mind, but has broader relevance to other places. It includes material that can be used in designing and conducting workshops with farmers and natural resource users to enable them to engage further with the issues.