Prolinnova-Sudan activities 2017-19

1/ Prolinnova–Sudan Country Platform (CP) meeting

Prolinnova–Sudan meeting in National Centre for Research (NCR) on 27–29 Oct 2017 in Khartoum (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Key Prolinnova guidelines presented by Amanuel Assefa, ESA coordinator on 28 Oct 2017 (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

This meeting succeeeded in reactivating Prolinnova–Sudan and selecting the National Steering Committee and NCR as host organisation (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Ms Mawahib ElTayeb Ahmed, researcher from NCR, National Coordinator of Prolinnova–Sudan (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

2/ Workshop on 31 Jan. 2018 in Dal Group

This workshop started with a background presentation about Prolinnova in Sudan, presented by the National Coordinator and Ms Seham from Practical Action. It showed Practical Action’s experience with Prolinnova–Sudan since 2003. Also, Ms Khetma Mohmed, the focal point of the Nagoya Protocol which is hosted by the Higher Council of Environment and Natural Resources, highlighted genetic resources in Sudan and the benefits for local communities in sharing indigenous knowledge.

CP members discussed proposed activities for 2018 plan (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Six proposal projects were discussed (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

3/ Training Workshop in promoting local innovation held in NCR building on 4–6 Sept. 2018 (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Participants were from government, non-governmental organisations, various other institutions and the private sector. Mergani IBnouf showed the PID process (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Abedelhakim, an innovator(herbalist) sharing his experiences; also other participants shared their skills and observations from their local communities (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

4/ International Farmer Innovation Day (IFID) celebration in NCR building on 11–12 Dec. 2018

Prolinnova–Sudan organized activities to celebrate farmer’s innovativeness.

Farmwoman from Darfur shared her experience & local knowledge about the Mellit variety with visitors (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Chris Macoloo from Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) and Seham from Practical Action exchanged information with the innovators (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

Woman from Darfur sharing information on local foods and methods of preserving them in her community for the participants in the IFID celebration (Photo: Ahmed Salem)

5/ Homegardening workshops  

Two workshops (23 July–26 July and 23–26 September 2019) were carried out inthe NCR building in a partnership between ProlinnovaSudan, Worker’s Micro Finance Company and Women’s Association.

Participants from NCR and Prolinnova–Sudan (Photo: Ahmed Salem)



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