Prolinnova International Partners Workshop 2010

From 22-27 March, the annual Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW) will take place in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This year’s IPW is organized by the Prolinnova international secretariat. The venue is Hotel Nol in’t Bosch (, a small hotel nicely situated in the forests of Wageningen.

 The IPW provides an opportunity for the Country Platforms, the International Support Team (IST) and the international secretariat of Prolinnova to review progress made and to share and learn from each other. While the agenda is still being developed, the 2010 IPW will include discussions on Prolinnova beyond 2010, and particularly the development of the 5-year programme proposal for DGIS, and experiences around institutionalisation and mainstreaming of Participatory Innovation Development (PID). A day of field visits will provide practical examples of innovation by Dutch farmers and the related issues that support or oppose innovativeness of these farmers. A separate meeting is planned to interact with Dutch organisations involved in Rural Development and Agricultural Research and Development to discuss the relevance and implementation of PID in the Netherlands and compare experiences between Prolinnova partners in their respective countries and their counterparts in the Netherlands. Just before the IPW, the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) will meet, allowing it to brief the network during the IPW on its conclusions and decisions. Also before the IPW, the Country Platforms involved in the FAIR initiative will come together in a separate meeting to review progress, share and plan work for 2010. After the IPW, an afternoon meeting of the International Support Team (IST) is planned, since this is the first time that almost all the IST members can be present.

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