Farmer-led research webinar hosted by U of Guelph, Canada

   Farmer-researcher Angie Koch, EFAO (Photo: Stills Motion Content)

On 12 March 2021, students of the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development of the University of Guelph in the province of Ontario, Canada, organised a webinar on “Farmer-led research in the resilience of rural communities”. The webinar examined farmer-led research (FLR) from the perspectives of farmers in the Global North and South.

Angie Koch, a farmer researcher with the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO), made a keynote presentation on her experiences in FLR. She stressed how important it is in her research to follow her own curiosity and seek answers to her own questions for her farm. She enjoys learning from other farmer-researchers' methods and results as much as she appreciates the opportunity to share her own.

Prolinnova-Senegal & innovative gardeners featured in Nat-Bi newsletter

The February 2021 issue of AgriBio Services’ newsletter Nat-Bi includes an article (page 8) on the presentations made by West & Central African coordinator Abdel-Karim Ali Mahamane on the Prolinnova network and by project coordinator Ms Oumy Ndiaye on the Proli-GEAFaSa project to promote innovation in water management by small-scale farmers. These were made during a meeting in mid-February with several Senegalese journalists. Abdel’s presentation can be found here, and Oumy's presentation can be found here.

The following article (page 9) highlights the participation of small-scale market gardeners near St Louis during the virtual Global Farmer Innovation Fair on 10-11 February, when they shared information about their own innovations in water management.

Sharad Rai: new Prolinnova–Asia Regional Coordinator

Sharad Rai is not a stranger to Prolinnova. He joined Prolinnova–Nepal in 2005 representing Practical Action and was an active member of the National Working Group (NWG). Sharad was involved in identifying and documenting farmer innovation and supporting farmer-led joint research in Nepal.

During his time in the NWG, he developed guidelines for Participatory Innovation Development in Nepal, which was awarded a prize as the Knowledge contest winner for Best Knowledge Product by Practical Action Headquarters in the UK in 2007. Sharad played a key role as part of the Prolinnova Nepal’s organising team of two key events in Kathmandu in 2007: the first national-level Farmer Innovation Fair and the Asia-Pacific Innovation Symposium.

African Partners Workshop 2020 held via Zoom

A regional workshop bringing together African Country Platforms (CPs) was held on 2628 October 2020. It had originally been planned to be hosted by ProlinnovaCameroon, but because of the travel restrictions in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic had to be held on the Zoom platform. The virtual workshop was organised and facilitated by the two Prolinnova Subregional Coordinators in Africa, Abdel-Karim Ali Mahamane (West & Central Africa) and Jacob Wanyama (Eastern & Southern Africa).

Proli-GEAFaSa rapport / report 2020

Ce rapport du projet de Promotion de l’innovation locale en Gestion de l’Eau dans l’Agriculture Familiale au Sahel (Proli-GEAFaSa) a pour but de partager sur l’avancement de la mise en œuvre des activités au cours de la première année.

Ce projet financé par Misereor vise à améliorer la gestion de l’eau en agriculture familiale au Sahel – en particulier au Burkina Faso et au Sénégal – par l’identification d’innovations locales de petits agriculteurs familiaux, l’expérimentation conjointe menée par les agriculteurs pour les valider et / ou améliorer et la diffusion des principes et des idées inspirantes à d’autres agriculteurs. Cela leur permettra d’améliorer leur sécurité alimentaire et leur résilience face aux changements climatiques.

Scaling up local capacity to innovate: Year 1 report

Year 1 of the 3-year Misereor-funded project Scaling Up Local Capacity to Innovate for Food and Nutrition Security (SULCI-FaNS) was completed in September 2020. Prolinnova Country Platforms (CPs) in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya are engaged in strengthening the innovation capacities of small-scale farmers, particularly women and women’s groups, to improve food and nutrition security and resilience of local communities. They are also building the capacity of other stakeholders in agricultural research and development in promoting local innovation and farmer-led joint research and seeking to scale up this approach. SULCI-FaNS supports activities in the West & Central Africa and Eastern & Southern Africa subregions working toward regionalisation of the Prolinnova network in Africa. The Year 1 report describes achievements at these different levels.

Troisième formation DPI au Bénin / Third PID training in Benin

Photo: Studio Mass, Benin

Troisième formation DPI au Bénin

Participatory research for food innovation by women in Tigray

Fetien Abay, a long-time member of the Prolinnova network, has just published a chapter in a new book Women in precision agriculture: technological breakthroughs, challenges and aspiration for a prosperous and sustainable future (edited by Takoi Khemais Hamrita) issued in 2021 by Springer Nature Switzerland.

Annonce de la Foire d’Innovation Paysanne au Cameroun / Announcing Farmer Innovation Fair in Cameroon (FIPAC)

Farmer-to-farmer sharing about local experimentation with palm tree seeds (Photo: Amina Bwebeyuou)


Annonce de la Foire d’Innovation Paysanne au Cameroun

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