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About the Mozambique Country Platform

Prolinnova-Mozambique is a network that promotes local innovation in ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management in Mozambique. The network builds on and scales up farmer-based approaches to development. It strives to stimulate and enhance partnerships among the various stakeholders in research and development, mainly among farmers, extension workers and researchers. 

The network was established in late 2006. Since mid-2008, its National Secretariat is hosted by the local NGO ADCR (Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais / Association for Development of Rural Communities), based in Xai-Xai, Gaza Province. 

Besides the five NSC members (see below) and the host organisation ADCR, Prolinnova-Mozambique works with eight partner organisations, based mainly in Gaza Province: ACOSADE, AREPACHO, KUVUMBANA, Nupuwele, DPA (Gaza Provincial Directorate of Agriculture), PEDALAR, Save the Children in Gaza Province, and Twanano. 

Since its creation, Prolinnova-Mozambique has carried out the following major activities:

  • Conducting a survey on ethnoveterinary  practices in Chicualacuala and Chigubo Districts in partnership with the Veterinary Faculty of Eduardo Mondlane University (2007)
  • Documenting local innovations in six districts of Gaza Province (2009-10)
  • Conducting a pilot study on local innovation in the face of HIV/AIDS (2008-10)
  • Holding various workshops and organising courses on promoting local innovation and participatory innovation development (PID)
  • Implementing a joint project "Promoting Local Innovation for Endogenous and Sustainable Development” in partnership with CIC-Bata and UNAC (Mozambique National Union of Peasants) (2009)
  • Executing two joint experiments (partnership among farmers and scientists from educational institution ISPG: one on a local bio-pesticide, another investigating social aspects in using a locally made wooden oxcart (2010)
  • Presentation of its work at the ENLACE D meeting in Córdoba, Spain (2011).

As of February 2018, the members of the National Steering Committee are:

  1. Romuald Rutazihana, independent – Chair
  2. Ms Miriam Morgado, Kulima (Organismo Sócio Económico para o Desenvolvimento / Organisation for Socio-Economic Development) – co-Vice-Chair
  3. Claudio Machabana, UNAC (União Nacional de Camponeses / Mozambican Farmers' Union) – co-Vice-Chair
  4. Nelson Mesquita, Mahlahle, ISPG Instituto Superior Politécnico de Gaza (Gaza Higher Polytechnic Institute) – co-Secretary
  5. Ms Cristina Natália, CTO (Centro de Theatro do Oprimido / Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed) – co-Secretary
  6. Ms Gilda Fafitine, ADCR (Associação para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais / Association for Rural Community Development) – ex officio member as Prolinnova–Mozambique coordinator

Contact Details

For more information, please email:

(Ms) Gilda Fafitine, CP coordinator

c/o ADCR Xai-Xai - /

(+258) 824867470/ (+258) 845624966

Romuald Rutazihana -

(+258) 824871430


ADCR address: Rua do Hospital Provincial de Gaza, Xai-Xai, Mozambique

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