Clay incubator: young Malian farmer shares his innovation worldwide

A local innovation identified by PROFEIS-Mali has been published by the FAO in its series on "Good practices for family poultry production". The document describes the motivation of a young resource-poor farmer - 31-year old Mr Nouhoum Traoré -  to innovate and gives specific details about the preparation and use of the clay incubator for guinea fowl farming. The local innovator developed his idea to incubate up to 400 eggs at a time when he noted the high demand for guinea fowl and its high price. The incubator can be easily built by other farmers, as it is made from locally available materials. The farmer innovator is willing to share his idea and teach other farmers: about 50 farmers in 30 villages in Mali have already built a similar incubator. Now the young man's idea is being shared worldwide. PROFEIS-Mali sees room to improve the local innovation through collaboration of guinea fowl farmers with agricultural researchers in a process of Participatory Innovation Development (PID).

PROFEIS-Mali annual report for 2012

PROFEIS-Mali reports on farmer-led joint experimentation being carried out by farmer innovators and scientists in Mali and other highlights of 2012. An external evaluation of the activities from 2007 to 2012 has recommended follow-on funding for activities focused on institutionalising PID.

PROFEIS-Mali annual summary report 2012