Report on Local Innovation Support Funds in Tanzania

As the second in a series of country reports presenting the findings and lessons learnt in the action research on Local Innovation Support Funds, Prolinnova-Tanzania is proud to announce its recent publication FAIR Lessons learnt on facilitating Local Innovation Support Funds in Tanzania. It describes and assesses the structure, functioning, process and results of LISFs in the Southern Highlands and Central Zone of Tanzania. In its concluding chapters, it points to a number of opportunities as well as potential barriers for upscaling the successfully piloted LISF approach within larger agricultural development and research programmes and organisations in the country.

McKnight Foundation workshop - LISF as social innovation

PowerPoint presentation (PDF file: 813 KB)

McKnight Foundation invited Ann Waters-Bayer from the Prolinnova IST to join as a resource person in their Leadership Meeting for the Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP). The meeting (30 July - 1 August 2012 in Minneapolis) was designed to share diverse approaches to social innovation that can support technical innovation. One example was the LISF piloted by Prolinnova partners in 8 countries in Africa and Asia. Ann gave a presentation on “Linking technical and social innovation in Prolinnova”, which stimulated interest of some McKnight Foundation research leaders to seek closer linkages with members of the Prolinnova community of practice.

Strategising and preparing for upscaling LISFs

Report on the International FAIR Partners Meeting, Bamako, Mali, 9-10 March 2012
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