Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Resources

July 2007: During its national stakeholder workshop, Prolinnova-Kenya invited Sylvance Sange of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute, to give an overview of important issues related to Intellectual Property protection. He agreed that his paper and PPT presentation be shared within the Prolinnova network. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights. Sylvance Anderson Sange, Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) (Word 45 KB) Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, PPT presentation by Sylvance Anderson Sange (some illustrations removed to reduce file size) (MS PPT 223 KB) June 2007: At a meeting hosted by DURAS / Agropolis and attended by Prolinnova’s Anton Krone (FAIR/LISF), resources were shared which include an IPR manual prepared with funding from DURAS. The manual was developed mainly with the Namibian and South African situation in mind, but has broader relevance to other countries. It includes material that can be used in designing and conducting workshops with farmers and natural resource users to enable them to engage further with the issues. Rights, Resources, Markets and Development: A South African/Namibian Farmer’s Guide to Using Intellectual Property. A Workshop Guidebook. © 2006 – Justin W van Fleet & Merida Roets (PDF 1 MB)  See also Prolinnova guidelines on IPRs: Institutional guidelines 3: Intellectual property rights in Prolinnova (171 KB)
Lignes directrices institutionnelles 3 : Quelques questions de droits de propriété intellectuelle (161 KB) NB:

Any person receiving information from Prolinnova either directly or indirectly shall not claim property rights over it. All Prolinnova publications in print, film or on any other recording medium will include the following statement:
The materials in this publication may be reproduced in whole or part and in any form for educational or non-profit uses without permission from the copyright holder, provided that the source is acknowledged. The publisher would appreciate receiving a copy of any publication which uses this publication as source.

Similarly, with reference to innovations described in Prolinnova publications, the following proviso will be included:
“Anyone may use the innovation described here and modify or develop it further, provided that the modified or further developed innovation or any follow-up innovation, of which the innovation described here is an element, is likewise freely available and includes this proviso.”


Toute personne recevant directement ou indirectement des informations de Prolinnova ne peut revendiquer des droits de propriété sur celles-ci. Toutes les publications de Prolinnova imprimées, filmées ou mises sur tout autre support d’enregistrement incluront la déclaration suivante :
« Les matériaux dans cette publication peuvent être reproduits en totalité ou en partie et sous quelque forme que ce soit à des fins éducatives ou non lucratives sans l’autorisation du détenteur des droits d’auteur, à condition que la source soit mentionnée. L’éditeur aimerait recevoir une copie de toute publication qui utilise cette publication comme source ».

De même, en référence aux innovations décrites dans les publications de Prolinnova, la disposition suivante sera incluse :
« Quiconque peut utiliser l’innovation décrite ici et la modifier ou la développer davantage, à condition que l’innovation modifiée ou développée ou toute innovation complémentaire, dont l’innovation décrite ici est un élément, soit également disponible gratuitement et inclut cette clause ».


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