IPW Marketplace 1 Oct 2021

The online marketplace on the Friday before the 3-day International Partners Workshop (IPW) commences will allow the CPs to share some examples of local innovation and participatory innovation development. This prepares the ground for the IPW, which will focus on sharing and learning about institutionalising the approach of promoting farmer innovation and participatory innovation development, as well as multi-CP collaboration as a step toward regionalisation of the network (see programme: http://www.prolinnova.net/content/international-partners-workshop-ipw-2021).

Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Marketplace, 1 Oct 2021
Each Country Platform has a 10-minute slot for presentation & discussion
Country Platform CEST Senegal Philippines
SESSION 1 11:00 9:00 17:00
Presentation from the Philippines
Presentation from Mali
Presentation from India
Presentation from Benin
SESSION 2 11:45 9:45 17:45
Presentation from Cambodia
Presentation from Burkina Faso
Presentation from Nepal
Presentation from Kenya
BREAK 12:30 10:30 18:30
SESSION 3 12:55 10:55 18:55
Presentation from Mozambique
Presentation from Cameroon
Presentation from Senegal
SESSION 4 13:00 11:00 19:00
Presentation from South Africa
Presentation from Sudan
Presentation from Ghana
Closing discussion 13:30 11:30 19:30
CLOSURE 13:45 11:45 19:45