Climate Change & PID

The Role of Local Innovation in Supporting Climate-Change Adaptation

During the International Partners Workshop in Cambodia in 2006, Prolinnova partners expressed their interest in looking into the link between climate-change adaptation and participatory innovation development (PID). After all, if farmers are constantly having to adapt to changes in local conditions, whatever the cause of these changes may be, some of their innovation efforts will most probably also be aimed at coping with the effects of climate change. Prolinnova partners then mobilised a small amount of funding to make an initial study to explore the relevance of local adaptation/innovation and the PID approach to climate-change adaptation at the local level. More specifically, the aims were to:

  • systematically document local experimentation processes that come about as a response to a locally felt need to adapt to climate change
  • understand local communities’ perceptions of "climate change"
  • stimulate documentation of local innovation (processes) at local level
  • draw lessons on the potential impact/influence of local innovation processes on climate-change adaptation policies and programmes.

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