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International Workshop to design a Global Partnership Programme

The PROLINNOVA Global Partnership Programme (GPP) is being built from the bottom up on the initiative of NGOs involved in agricultural research and development (R&D). With support from IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), NGOs in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda are facilitating the participatory design of their own PROLINNOVA programmes. NGOs in several other countries have prepared proposals to launch a similar process. In March 2004, the planners of the national-level programmes will gather at a workshop in Ethiopia to design an international programme to strengthen their local activities. 

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PROLINNOVA at the GFAR conference in Dakar

At the Second Triennial Conference of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) on 22–24 May 2003 in Dakar, Senegal, PROLINNOVA was presented both as a poster and as a PowerPoint paper by Monica Kapiriri (more..) during the session on “Rural Knowledge Systems and Innovation Processes”. Monica was formerly with Environmental Alert in Uganda and is now with the Aga Khan Foundation based in Tanzania and is the spokesperson for NGOs in the GFAR Steering Committee. Already when she was a member of the NGO Committee (NGOC) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in 2000–2002, she was involved in developing the concept for PROLINNOVA. Environmental Alert is now the NGO in Uganda that is facilitating the multi-stakeholder process of designing a PROLINNOVA programme in that country. more..

PROFIEET profiled at the GFAR meeting in Nairobi

Amanuel Assefa from AgriService Ethiopia (ASE), the NGO that is coordinating PROFIEET (PROmoting Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in EThiopia), addressed the GFAR (Global Forum on Agricultural Research) in Nairobi, Kenya, in October 2003. He described the process of reviewing Ethiopian experiences in Farmer Participatory Research and Participatory Technology Development at the national PROFIEET workshop, held in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, in August 2003, and the action plan that was developed at the workshop. He stressed the importance of the international learning platform Prolinnova. for the work of PROFIEET, and announced the news of Netherlands support to Prolinnova. His paper and Powerpoint presentation are also on the GFAR website ( 

National PROLINNOVA programmes designed at African workshops

With IFAD support, multi-stakeholder steering groups coordinated by local NGOs in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda held national-level workshops to analyse their own experiences in promoting local innovation and experimentation through participatory research and extension. Action plans drawn up during the workshops are now being formulated at national proposals for Prolinnova programmes.

New book! “Advancing Participatory Technology Development”

Participatory approaches to research and extension have received increasing attention in recent years, but their application has been mainly confined to specific projects outside of or on the margins of the large formal institutions meant to serve agricultural development. The challenge now is to integrate these approaches into the day-to-day operations of such institutions. In different parts of the world, pioneering efforts are being made to address this challenge. Some cases were documented and analysed in an international comparative study that culminated in a workshop in late 2001 on “Advancing Participatory Technology Development (PTD)” in the Philippines. In 2002, IIRR and ETC Ecoculture published a synthesis of the study-cum-workshop output, together with abstracts of the cases, in the booklet “Participatory Technology Development in agricultural improvement: challenges for institutional integration”. Now, a larger book has been compiled with edited versions of selected case studies that describe attempts to integrate PTD approaches into institutions of agricultural research, extension and education. 

PROLINNOVA experiences can be shared through InterSard

NGO partners in India, Philippines, UK and Netherlands, with ETC as focal point, have established InterSard-ASIA to manage information on community development and sustainable NRM. This EU-supported web-based network plans to expand to Africa and Latin America and will be an important channel for sharing Prolinnova experiences. 

Netherlands contributes to expansion of PROLINNOVA

As of January 2004, DGIS (Netherlands International Cooperation) is contributing to the building up of multi-stakeholder partnerships to promote local innovation also in Cambodia, Nepal, Niger, South Africa, Sudan and Tanzania, with a focus on combating land degradation. Over a period of four years, this will help Prolinnova function as an international network convened by civil-society organisations seeking to institutionalise participatory approaches towards environmentally sound use of natural resources.

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