Bibliography on Impact Assessment of PR and GA

The PRGA Program ( has contracted a research liberian to produce an annotated bibliography on impact assessment of participatory research and gender analysis in plant breeding and natural resource management research. At this point she is only collecting information about referred journal articles published in English, but we hope to expand the scope of the bibliography at a later stage.

She is including journal articles which, 1) report on impact (on endusers) of agricultural technologies or management practices which were developed through participatory research or gender analysis (for example: changes in income, well-being, poverty status of the endusers, changes in biodiversity, impact of the changes how the breeding is organized etc) 2) report on outcomes of participatory research and/or gender analysis in PB or NRM (for example: changes in adoption, yield, farmer acceptances, change in how breeding is organized etc); 3) evaluate participatory research and gender analysis methodology in PB or NRM (for example: lessons learned from conducting participatory research or organizing participatory plant breeding or NRM research) 4) evaluate the use of participatory research and gender analysis methods in impact assessment of PB or NRM projects.

If you or your colleagues have published articles in any of the above categories, please send us ( reference, so that we may include your journal articles in the annotated bibliography.

The bibliography will be available on the website this fall.

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