International Farmer Innovation Day – 29 November each year!

The annual International Farmer Innovation Day (IFID), initiated by the Prolinnova international network, offers a time to celebrate and stimulate the creativity of innovative farmers and to provide sources of inspiration to farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural research and development (ARD. Furthermore, it provides a stage to demonstrate how research and extension agents (private and governmental) can interact and support this process through Participatory Innovation Development (PID). Since 2012, Prolinnova Country Platforms (CPs) organise different types of activities as appropriate in their countries. The CPs celebrate farmers’ innovativeness on or around 29 November each year.


  • FO-RI global webinar: Farmer-led research – experience in influencing policymakers and building partnerships

Organised by FO-RI (Farmer Organisations Leading Research & Innovation on agroecology for sustainable food systems) / Agricord

Regional farmer organisations in the Pacific Islands, West Africa & Latin America share their experience in policy-development processes related to agroecology, based on action-research involving small-scale farmers.


  • IFID celebrated in Nepal

“Sharing about farmer innovation with students of secondary schools and universities was the highlight of the events to mark IFID 2021 in Nepal. One event was held at the Creative Academy, a secondary school in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, and the other was a Zoom event organised by a supporter of farmer innovation. Read the report ….”


  • IFID celebrated in Nepal

IFID was celebrated in Nepal on 29 November 2020 using the Zoom platform. The virtual event was organised by the Institute for Social and Environmental Research–Nepal with sponsorship from Interscaff Safety Training Solution Pvt Ltd. As invited speaker, Mr Hari Bahadur KC, Joint Secretary in Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, wished the IFID celebration much success. Several farmers – men and women – shared their innovations, and Prolinnova–Nepal member Dharma Raj Dangol spoke about achievements in integrating participatory innovation development into educational institutions. A 3-page illustrated report on the event can be found here.


  • IFID celebrated in Kenya

IFID was celebrated on 29 November at Obambo Chief’s camp in Kisumu West sub County of Kisumu County. The day’s theme was “Promoting Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Farmer-Led Research for Enhanced Livelihoods.” The innovators showcased 20 local innovations in five themes: Crop and livestock production; Energy use and conservation; Pest and disease control; Feed formulation; and Food processing and value addition. The event attracted over 300 participants mainly from Kisumu and Makueni Counties and was graced by Hon. Gilchrist Fulbert O Okuom, the County Minister for Agriculture, Food, Livestock and Fisheries. He gave certificates of recognition to 24 innovators (13 men and 11 women) involved in the Proli-FaNS project. The event created awareness and appreciation of farmer innovators and provided a platform to urge community members – including women – to share their innovations and adopt and adapt local innovations to improve food and nutrition security.


  • IFID celebrated in Nepal

In this update on Prolinnova-Nepal, the new secretariat of the Country Platform (CP) – SAHAS (Group of Helping Hands) – reports on what happened since the handover from outgoing CP coordinator Dharma Dangol (now retiring) from Tribhuvan University to Surendra Shrestha, Executive Director of SAHAS Nepal. One of the final activities organised by Dharmal before the handover was a celebration of the International Farmer Innovation Day in November 2018, when the Natural History Museum of the University and the Center for Nepal Environment and Education Development (CNEED) jointly organised a seminar in Kathmandu on linking local innovation into museum education.

  • IFID celebrated in Cameroon

Celebration of the International Farmer Innovation Day on 29 November 2018 permitted Prolinnova–Cameroon to disseminate local innovations among 32 participants at Ekoumdouma. Participants invited included the traditional leaders of Ekoumdouma and Nkométou and the person in charge of the Nkométou Catholic Parish. It was during this event that the participatory research on using kanwa to reduce bitterness in chocolate was shared with members of the CP and invited participants. The farmer innovator and the student of Maroua University who was involved in the participatory research made the presentation.


  • IFID celebrated in Nepal

International Farmer Innovation Day (IFID) was celebrated in Nepal on 29 November 2017 with a seminar on farmer innovation. Prolinnova–Nepal organised the event together with the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Tribhuvan University, Rarahil Memorial School, Creative Academy and CENEED (Center for Nepal Environmental & Educational Development).

Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality, Ramesh Maharjan, inaugurating IFID 2017 with Dharma Dangol, Prolinnova–Nepal coordinator (Photo: Raj Man Maharjan)

International Farmer Innovation Day (IFID) was celebrated in Nepal on 29 November 2017 with a seminar on farmer innovation. Prolinnova–Nepal organised the event together with the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Tribhuvan University, Rarahil Memorial School, Creative Academy and CENEED (Center for Nepal Environmental & Educational Development).

Farmer innovator, Mr Chandra Prasad Adhikari from Chitwan, shared his innovations in organic agriculture. Mr Sarab Maharjan from Kirtipur highlighted an innovative initiative to convert solid waste into manure for use in agriculture. Ms Jenisha Napit of NHM introduced the Prolinnova network to the seminar participants and shared several farmer innovations in agriculture and natural resource management from various parts of the country that have been recognised and promoted by network participants. Mr Sundar Malla, a potato grower, also highlighted some new things they are trying out in potato cultivation in the Sankhu area of Kathmandu valley. Ms Nirmala Pradhan of NHM shared different activities of NHM along with its role as Prolinnova–Nepal Secretariat.

The chief guest, Mr Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality, inaugurated the event and expressed his interest to collaborate with Prolinnova–Nepal in promoting local innovation in the municipality. The programme was chaired by Mr Dharma Raj Dangol (chief of NHM and Prolinnova–Nepal coordinator) and facilitated by Ms Dipa Maharjan, college lecturer. Ms Anita Shrestha, President of CENEED, and a 90-year old farmer participant expressed their views on local innovation and positively evaluated IFID as an important and effective event in giving recognition to farmer innovators.

A total of 52 people from farmer groups, universities, schools, and governmental and non-governmental organisations were present. Some participants shared about the IFID event by posting news on their Facebook pages.

See the brief report with more photos here.


  • Prolinnova–Cameroon celebrates IFID

    As 29 Nov 2016 coincided with the workshop to launch the Proli-FaNS project, the IFID celebrations in Cameroon took place on 14 December in Ekoumdouma Village, 35 km north of Yaoundé. The event was attended by 52 farmers from 9 organisations and by local administrators and traditional leaders. The farmers, both men and women, had stands to exhibit their innovations and products, and also sold some, e.g. broiler chickens, pork, honey, cassava, mushrooms, cocoa pods, fruit tree seedlings and yam tubers. The farmers could share experiences and innovations by visiting each other’s stands. Almost 200 visitors followed the innovators’ presentations and bought products. Visitors included staff from the government ministries, neighbouring villagers and some passers-by who simply stopped out of curiosity to see what was going on. This event also allowed intensification of exchange between Prolinnova–Cameroon and the managers of the Support to the Competitiveness of Family Farming (ACEFA) project in Lékié Department and at national level. ACEFA is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) and the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA). ACEFA’s national communication team travelled to Ekoumdouma to report on the celebration.

  • Seminar on local innovations in Nepal

    International Farmer Innovation Day was celebrated in Nepal on 29 November 2016 by organizing a seminar to share experiences on local innovation. PROLINNOVA -Nepal organised the event in collaboration with the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Tribhuvan University, Caritas Nepal and Center for Nepal Environmental and Educational Development (CENEED). Farmer innovator, Mr Shekha Narayan Maharjan, shared his experiences on rooftop gardening in Kathmandu. Caritas Nepal Project coordinator, Mr Chintan Manandhar, shared about learning from a project that considered farmers as a real scientists. And CENEED president, Ms Anita Manandhar, spoke about the joint research project on farmers potato fields in Sankhy of Kathmandu district. One farmer, one student and one teacher expressed their views on local innovation and positively evaluated IFID as an important and effective event in giving recognition to farmer innovators . Students were interested in attending future seminars organised by PROLINNOVA and invited PROLINNOVA memebrs to give guest lectures in their colleges. Three students expressed their interest in conducting thesis research related to local innovation. A total of 50 people from farmer groups, universities and NGOs were present.

    The full report can be found here.

    • Radio spots by Prolinnova Bolivia

    On November 29, 2016, International Farmer Innovation Day, representatives of PROLINNOVA Bolivia participated in interviews on two radio stations of the Pio XII Network, one in Cochabamba and another in Llallagua, Potosí.

    In these interviews we talked about the PROLINNOVA platform, the reason for the International Farmer Innovation day, recognizing local innovation in Bolivia (emphasizing the national farmer innovation fair in December 2015) and the experience of farmers of the Nueva Seed organization in relation to peri-urban agriculture, who reported that despite difficulties they produce their own food (lettuce, onions, carrots, among others), recycling materials and generating surpluses that benefit other families in the area.

    The full report can be found here.

    • Farmer innovators inspire their peers in the Philippines

    Prolinnova Philippines, led by the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) celebrated the 2016 International Farmer Innovation Day by bringing farmers from Guinayangan, Quezon province together to learn from farmer innovators across nearby provinces.

    In Nagcarlan, Laguna, two members of the Laguna Cacao Farmers Association or LACAFA revealed how they built their livelihood after a major typhoon hit their farm. In 2014, typhoon Glenda (international name Rammasun) hit region 4 and completely destroyed most of the fruit farms of Nagcalan farmers. This did not stop Mr. Fred Dereza and Rodel Dorado to rise from this misfortune; instead they started to look for alternative crops they can grow with more returns. Both started to attend seminars in cacao production. They organized other farmers and sought the support of the local government. Now they went beyond production but engaged in value addition through production of tablea chocolate. He brought the farmers from Guinayangan to the production area and showed the whole process including the proper technique for fermenting tablea. Mr. Dorado further illustrated the proper way to collect seeds for seedling propagation.

    Another inspiring innovator farmer is Mr. Renato Belen or endearingly called Mang Ato. Ato Belen Farm is a known source of quality fruit tree seedlings where all IIRR fruit trees distributed to farmer cooperators are also purchased. From a mere 200 square meter and a capital of Php 700 ($14), Mang Ato was able to grow his farm to 2.3 hectares with sheer hard work and exceptional diligence. Guinayangan farmers learned that there is business in seedling raising. They also had a quick lesson in grafting.

    The value of the roving workshop is not only to broaden the knowledge of farmers to other available approaches and farming systems but more importantly to offer inspiration, motivation and encouragement that farming is a viable livelihood. Providing opportunity for new perspectives, roving workshops allows farmers to go beyond what they have been accustomed to. New knowledge brings new opportunities and drive to test new things.

    The full report can be found here.

    • IFID in the Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, the Prolinnova International Secretariat invited colleagues at the Royal Tropical Institute to view the video of the West African Farmer Innovation Fair 2015. A short introduction was given on the importance and function of Farmer Innovation Fairs. After the video screening, a discussion was held on the impact of Farmer Innovation fairs.


    • Celebrating International Farmer Innovation Day 2015 in the Philippines!

    IIRR-Philippines, the coordinating NGO of Prolinnova-Philippines, organised two activities to encourage farmers to learn from each other: 17 farmers from Guinayangan, Quezon, took part in a “roving workshop” with a special emphasis on coffee and cacao production, and 70 farmers took part in a “farmer learning event” in which farmer trainers shared innovations in livestock management. See the report attached.

    pdf file: 737 KB

    • Farmer Innovation Fair in Bolivia

    The partners in Prolinnova-Bolivia organised their first Farmer Innovation Fair to celebrate the International Farmers Innovation Day. The purpose of the fair was to make visible the importance of the contribution of farmers to research and agricultural and social development in the country. The description of the event can be found here and under News.

    • Prolinnova-Cameroon organised workshop on innovation in beekeeping

    On 29 November 2015, Prolinnova–Cameroon organised a workshop for beekeepers, building on a local innovation by the beekeeper Serge Ayangma in fragmenting bee colonies. The terms of reference for the event can be found here and the report on the event can be found here (both in French).

    • Prolinnova-Kenya held a farmer fair in Nyando

    Nyando Local Steering Committee (LSC) hosted selected members from Busia, Baringo and Machakos LSCs at a fair designed to bring together farmer innovators from the various LSCs to share and learn from each other. It also presented an opportunity tooperationalise the Farmer-Led Innovators Association of Kenya (FALIA-K), an association the farmer innovators are in the process of registering to support small-scale farmer innovation in Kenya.

    • Prolinnova-India celebrated farmer innovation on 29 November 2015

    This year too, the International Farmer Innovation Day was celebrated in India on 29 November 2015 by Prolinnova India at INHERE campus, village Chinoni, distt. Almora, Uttrakhand. Farmers, government officials, scientists, academicians and media persons participated in the event.

    Find the report of the activity here.

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