Eastern and Southern Africa

Eastern & Southern Africa Subregional Platform

In its 2016–20 strategy, the Prolinnova network decided to create regional and subregional platforms of country-level multistakeholder networks (“Country Platforms”). The Eastern & Southern Africa Subregional Platform includes the Country Platforms (CPs) in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. It is also open to multistakeholder groups that want to promote farmer-led local innovation and experimentation processes in other countries in the subregion and that apply to the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) to be accepted at Prolinnova CPs.

The subregional platform seeks to facilitate country-to-country learning and joint efforts in policy dialogue at subregional level to promote local innovation by small-scale family farmers and, above all, multistakeholder interaction in farmer-led joint research and development that builds on local initiatives and innovations.

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