IPW 2017 held in northern Ghana

Prolinnova partners and friends from 20 countries took part in the 2017 International Partners Workshop (IPW) on 15–18 May 2017 in Tamale in northern Ghana. The meeting was hosted by ACDEP (Association of Church-based Development Projects), the NGO that coordinates the multistakeholder Prolinnova platform in Ghana as well as the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project in five African countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya.

The network’s governance body, the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG), met during the weekend immediately before the IPW to deliberate on fundamental strategic and operational issues central to the future of Prolinnova as an international network, including governance issues. It reviewed the status of implementation of projects and other initiatives under the Prolinnova umbrella. It also reviewed the existing Prolinnova guidelines and proposed new ones. It assessed and approved an application from Timor Leste to join the Prolinnova network as a new Country Platform (CP).  

During the IPW, representatives of the various CPs engaged in lively exchange and constructive discussions from early in the morning until late in the evening, showing their great commitment to the vision of Prolinnova. The marketplace and thematic sessions on local innovation for food and nutrition security, with a focus on gender issues, allowed participants to share their work and achievements and to learn from each other’s ideas and suggestions. Inputs from related work of Groundswell International in West Africa, CIKOD (Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development) and IIRR (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction) also provided rich food for thought.

The newly appointed Prolinnova Subregional Coordinators – Amanuel Assefa for Eastern & Southern Africa and Georges Djohy for West & Central Africa – were introduced to the network. Participants from CPs in Africa and Asia had the opportunity to develop their plans for South–South mentoring, joint policy dialogue, fundraising and other regional activities.

Within the few days together in Tamale, the POG and the CP partners also managed to agree on criteria for selecting the future host organisation of the Prolinnova International Secretariat; to discuss issues of governance at national, regional and global level; and to make plans for the coming year.

A field visit to Yendi Municipality in the Northern Region – one of the Proli-FaNS action-learning sites in Ghana – rounded off the IPW and brought the participants in direct communication with men and women innovators in crop and livestock husbandry, food processing and soap making.

The IPW report is being compiled by the International Secretariat with the help of two students from University of Virginia and their professor, David Edmunds, who has organised internships of his students with Prolinnova partners in Africa and Asia over the past three years.

The Prolinnova network makes every effort to keep the costs of the IPW low so that the annual meeting can take place despite the fact that there is no core funding for it. Several participants covered costs out of their existing projects (including the Proli-FaNS project funded by Misereor/KZE) or their own pocket. The network is extremely grateful to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) for covering the travel costs of Southern participants who did not have access to any project funding.

IIRR has offered to hosted IPW 2018 in the Philippines, hopefully together with a smallholder farmer innovation fair, and fundraising efforts have started already.

The report on the IPW 2017 can be found here.


Announcing IPW 2017 in Tamale, Ghana

Prolinnova-Ghana is hosting this year’s International Partners Workshop (IPW). ACDEP (Association of Church-based Development Projects), the NGO that coordinates the multistakeholder Country Platform (CP) in Ghana, is handling the overall coordination of the meeting, which will be held at the University of Development Studies Conference Centre in Tamale, northern Ghana, on 15-18 May. The participants will also be acommodated in the conference centre.

The first three days will be the partners meeting, followed by an (optional) field visit on Thursday 18 May. We will also piggyback other meetings before and after the IPW, on 13-14 May and on 19 May, e.g. of the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) and other Prolinnova initiatives such as Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security).

The costs are borne by the participants. CP coordinators in Africa, Asia and the Andes have nominated representatives from each CP to attend the IPW 2017 and have obtained funding for their participation from project budgets (e.g. through Misereor), from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and from other sources, including their own pockets.

The programme (see below in English and French) was drawn up through a participatory process to include topics that network partners deem interesting and relevant. The opening session will be a policy-influencing event together with a marketplace of resources about experiences in the different countries. Particular attention will be given to local innovation and farmer-led participatory research for food and nutrition security, with a focus on gender issues, drawing on ongoing activities of several Prolinnova CPs. Another major topic will be how to strengthen policy dialogue to create enabling conditions for farmer-led research and development.

The two new Subregional Coordinators of the Prolinnova platforms in West & Central Africa - Georges Djohy from Benin - and in Eastern & Southern Africa - Amanuel Assefa from Ethiopia - will be introduced and welcomed in their new positions, set up to support the process of regionalisation of Prolinnova activities, starting in Africa.

General information for participants can be found here. The programme for the IPW in English and French can be found below.

For more information about the event, please contact Michael Pervarah in ACDEP (mcpervarah@acdep.org) and Chesha Wettasinha in the Prolinnova International Secretariat (c.wettasinha@kit.nl).


Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW) 2017, Tamale, Ghana, 15–18 May 2017






08:30 – 10:30

Organisation of the market place: CP participants set up stalls to showcase own material as well as the projects they are involved in under the Prolinnova umbrella such as FaReNe, University of Virginia internships, A Growing Culture, Nuffic-funded PID training and others



Opening of the workshop 

Welcome and opening addresses

(organised by ACDEP)

POG report and issues


Findings from e-evaluation 2016



Regionalisation of the Prolinnova network

Africa – progress to date; introduction of subregional coordinators; role of taskforces; host organisations; transfer of tasks from international secretariat

Asia – current situation and what is next?

Latin America – current situation and what is next?

Network-related issues – revised guidelines; National Steering Committees, host organisations; minimum commitments; reduced number of CPs; contact persons in some countries; procedure for new CPs


Fundraising – at national, regional and international level (in the context of transition to regions/South)

What is in the pipeline?

How to make funding more sustainable?

How to ensure that all CPs have funds to continue their work?

Field visit

10:30 – 11:00

Tea break (Market opens)

Tea break

Tea break


11:00 – 12:30

Opening session – visitors interact with CPs in the market

Regionalisation of Prolinnova (continued)



International Secretariat – from KIT to host in the Global South

Criteria and potential host organisations

Process of transition

North–South linkages

Changing role and location of International Support Team

Focal point in Global North

Open Space – World Café

Field visit

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch – market continues




14:00 – 15:30

Introductions, programme and logistics


Introduction of Subregional Coordinators


PID for food and nutrition security with focus on women

Introduction to Proli-FaNS and objectives

Current status of implementation

Influencing policy to create enabling conditions for local innovation and PID 

Experiences of the network and guest organisations/ projects; new ideas, tools such as Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Outcome Assessment


Review of action plan 2016 and preparation of action plan 2017


15:30 – 16:00

Tea break

Tea break

Tea break


16:00 – 17:30

PID for food and nutrition security with focus on women

Experiences of Proli-FaNS and other projects in relation to LI/PID for food and nutrition security, with focus on women (eg. FaReNe; GRC etc)


Monitoring and evaluation of LI/PID processes – Capacity to innovate as an aspect to evaluate


Evaluation of workshop and wrap-up

Feedback from field visit teams


Screening of videos (from different CPs)

Social evening – bring traditional clothing and music!!!

Preparation of field visit


Atelier International de Partenaires de Prolinnova (IPW) 2017, Tamale, Ghana, 15–18 Mai 2017






08:30 – 10:30

Organisation de l’endroit  du marché: des participants PP mettent en place des stands pour présenter leurs propres matériaux ainsi que les projets dont ils travail sous Prolinnova tels que FaReNe, les stages de l’Université de Virginia, A Growing Culture et la formation DPI financé par Nuffic, et d’autres



Ouverture de l’atelier 

Accueil et cérémonie d’ouverture 

(organisé par ACDEP)

Le rapport de POG et des questions 


Des résultats de l’évaluation 2016 



La régionalisation du réseau Prolinnova

Afrique– progrès jusqu’à présent; rôles des coordinateurs sous-régionaux; rôle des taskforces; organisations hôtes; le transfert de tâches du secrétariat international

Asie– la situation actuelle et prochaine

Amérique Latine– situation actuelle et prochaine

Des questions associées au réseau – revoir les lignes directrices; Comités Nationaux de Pilotage, organisations hôtes; des engagements minimums; nombre réduit de PPs; des personnes à contacter en certains pays sans PP; la procédure pour des nouveaux PPs


Collecte de fonds – au niveau national, régional et international (dans le contexte de transition aux régions/au Sud)

Qu’est-ce qu’il est en cours de réalisation ?

Comment faire le financement plus durable ?

Comment assurer que tous les PPs ont assez de fonds pour continuer leur travail ?

Visite au terrain

10:30 – 11:00

Pause-café (marché ouvre)




11:00 – 12:30

Début de la session – interaction au marché entre les visiteurs et les PPs

Régionalisation du réseau Prolinnova (suite)



Secrétariat International – transfert du KIT à un hôte au Sud Global

Critères et organisations hôtes potentielles

Processus de transition de relation Nord–Sud

Changement du rôle et l’emplacement d’Equipe Internationale d’Appui

Point focal du Nord Global

Open Space – Café Mondial

Visite au terrain

12:30 – 14:00

Déjeuner – marché continue




14:00 – 15:30

Introduction, programme et logistiques


Introduction de coordinateurs sous-régionaux  


DPI pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle avec l’accent sur des femmes 

Introduction à Proli-FaNS et des objectives

La situation actuelle de la mise en œuvre

Influencer la politique afin de créer des conditions possibles pour l’innovation locale et DPI 

Des expériences réseautages et des projets /organisations; nouvelles idées, outils tels que Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Outcome Assessment (Recherche et Politique en matière du Développement Evaluation des Résultats)


Revue de plan d’action 2016 et préparation de plan d’action 2017


15:30 – 16:00





16:00 – 17:30

DPI pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle avec l’accent sur des femmes 

Expériences de Proli-FaNS et d’autres projets liés aux Innovations Locales / PID pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle, avec l’accent sur des femmes (ex. FaReNeGRC etc.)


Suivi et évaluation de processus de l’Innovation Locale/PID – Capacité d’innover comme un aspect à évaluer


Evaluation de l’atelier et conclusion 

Retour d’information des équipes de visite de terrain


Des vidéos (de différents PPs)

Soirée de rendez-vous – apportez les vêtements traditionnels et de la musique!!!

Préparation de visite de terrain