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  • Local innovation in the development of smallholder agriculture: a literature review and case study in the Department of Cochabamba Bolivia
    by Markus Frank, BSc thesis, University of Kassel / German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, Witzenhausen. 2012.
    The first part of the thesis is a review of literature on different approaches to understanding and supporting local innovation, and situates local innovation processes and concepts in the context of agricultural innovation models. The case study in the second part of the thesis explores the application of methods to identify and document local innovation. It gives insight into farmers' perceptions of the participatory documentation process. It also shows how the farmer innovators perceive the innovation process and looks into the interrelations and functions of the actors involved in this process.
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Poster on FaReNe project

A poster in French on the project “Renforcement des réseaux de recherche dirigés par les agriculteurs” / “Strengthening farmer-led research networks” (FaReNe) under the umbrella of the multistakeholder Prolinnova network can be found here.

Farmer-led Documentation: Learning from Prolinnova Experiences

complied and edited by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer, Chesha Wettasinha and Wim Hiemstra
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An Important Part of the Family

by Nageeb Ibrahim Bakheit for Agricultures Network Website 

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Women documenting their innovations: outcomes of a farmer-led documentation process in Tigray, Ethiopia

(this appears as a printed booklet in English and Tigrigna for use in development organisations and schools in Tigray)

View document (PDF file; size : 630 KB)

FLD pilot Prolinnova Burkina Faso

View proposal (MS Word file; size : 203 KB)

Proposal for Sudan FLD

View proposal  (PDF file; size: 109 KB) 

FLD pilot Prolinnova Ethiopia, South Africa, Niger

Prolinnova country programmes are continuing their efforts to explore opportunities of FLD to support participatory innovation development. Results of the activities will be published on this page. In the meantime, information about ongoing FLD pilots and projects can be obtained from the FLD contact person at Prolinnova.

Prolinnova is working together with PELUM and Oxfam Novib to learn more about FLD and share good FLD practices

More information about ongoing and upcoming activities of the FLD partnership can be found in the following overview. View overview (Word document; size : 60 KB).

Contact person at PELUM is Stella Lutalo (PELUM-Uganda) / Email:
Contact person at Oxfam Novib is Nicole Metz / Email:

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