Integrating PID into Education


As a component of Prolinnova activities, partners have chosen curriculum development and the integration of Participatory Innovation Development (PID) approaches into higher education systems as a specific area of attention. This commitment was first emphasised during the International Partners’ Workshop in Cambodia in March 2006, where the Centre for International Cooperation of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (CIS-VUA), then one of the partners in the Prolinnova International Support Team (IST), was asked to conceptualise this issue further and facilitate the development of a curriculum development component under Prolinnova. See “Integrating PID into teaching materials and curricula”.

Troisième formation DPI au Bénin / Third PID training in Benin

Photo: Studio Mass, Benin

Troisième formation DPI au Bénin

Deuxième formation DPI au Bénin / Second PID training in Benin

En octobre 2020, le deuxième atelier sur le développement participatif d'innovation (DPI) s'est tenu virtuellement, comme le premier, en raison de la situation de COVID-19. C'était dans le cadre du projet "Renforcement de capacités des enseignants des lycées agricoles pour soutenir l'entrepreneuriat social basé sur l'innovation locale pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle", financé par le Programme Orange Knowledge de Nuffic.

Training in Benin on social entrepreneurship based on local innovation / Formation sur l’entrepreneuriat social basé sur l’innovation locale

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The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) of the Netherlands Organisation for Internationalisation of Education (Nuffic) is supporting tailor-made training to strengthen the capacity of teachers in agricultural technical colleges in North Benin to support social entrepreneurship based on local innovation for food and nutrition security. This project is a collaborative effort of the Faculty of Agronomy, University of Parakou in Benin; the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in the Netherlands; AgriBio Services in Senegal; and the Prolinnova international network. Nuffic provides funding through the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Integrating “Participatory Innovation Development” into education and training: modules & materials


developed by Prolinnova partners in 2005–2011

edited by Jean-Marie Diop, Laurens van Veldhuizen & Ann Waters-Bayer

Prolinnova Working Paper 34.

Lesuden: ETC AgriCulture. December 2011.

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